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About Us

What happens when you merge a love for essential oils with a desire to shift mood?

Life is busy. It's coming at us. Like a freight train. The more mindful we are, the more aware we are. The more we ignore how we feel, the more we feel. It's never been so complicated, and yet is could be so easy. 

After years of being type A, saying yes to career, family and friends I hit my wall. A series of health issues one after the other made it clear, I needed to slow down and find ways to reduce my stress and anxiety.

But how? I loved the fight or flight rush of adrenaline. This after all was my super power. I had no choice. I needed to fill my tank with rocket fuel not regular gas to achieve my greatness. Or so I thought.

After landing in the hospital with migraines that were more like seizures I took my first step back. The first few things to go? Chocolate and perfume. Fine. I did it. Anything is better then a massive headache that requires sitting in the dark in agony. Little by little small improvements were made. The chocolate was kept off the list but perfume snuck back in, only this time it was clean perfume. 

The second life changing moment almost broke me. I developed issues with my gallbladder that nearly knocked me off my feet. Habba Syndrome was diagnosed and with it a complete loss of freedom. I won't tell you more about this condition, you can follow the link if you want, after all they made a TV show about it featuring Yours Truly.

So what's a girl to do? How do you change your life? How do you prioritize you, when self care seems less fun then getting results, and everyone tells you to slow down. Well, you find your hacks. Isn't that what smart people do? 



A few things happened along the way that gave me insights: I discovered my breath. Through a method called rebirthing I learned how to breathe. You see, I actually had no clue how to. Always a shallow breather, the idea of breathing in an out to feel better was never going to happen. What is rebirthing? Its a safe and natural breathing method that connected me with my subconscious mind. Using my breath in a circular way, pausing between the inhale and the exhale, stuck energy began to flow again and negative emotions released. After my sessions I felt calm, clear and liberated, and I experienced a renewed desire to begin a path towards personal transformation. This time around, perfume did not make the cut.



The second thing that happened was being introduced to essential oils. I remember clearly when I brought home my first blends, handmade by Adora Winquist. They sat in the bathroom until, as fate would have it, I began to mentor her in business. I didn't get it. I didn't like the packaging. I didn't know how to use them. It was all too complicated and I felt insecure about the whole thing. Little did I know, I would be led on a new journey, one in which I would find myself co-founding an aromatherapy company and digging deep into the world of essential oils. Adoratherapy was born. I soon became the Chief Mood Booster and we are going strong. I love everything about Adoratherapy. The notion of clean perfume made with essential oils is splendid and the mission is aligned with my core values: Adore yourself.


I see a new possibility. I can't help it. That's how I am wired. I imagined a product line that would speak to a larger audience. It would need to be simpler, more single note essential oils, but blended and ready to use. What we call today Functional Fragrance! Smells goods + benefits.

My background is product and branding. For years I have developed everything from fashion to software. I had found this sample on a trip to China, a pill shaped bottle. I began to dream of this bottle and how it could turn the habit of breath and essential oils into a daily practice. After all, I was doing it everyday with my my aroma perfume blends. But these blends were complex and required education. I wanted a genderless product. Still organic and handcrafted, but one for the masses. Stick it in your pocket. A simple roller ball. Take it with you. Breathe in. Do it again. Collect scents. I then imagined a beautiful dropper that would make blending and all the DIY essential oil projects people love more fun. 

So here I am, launching a new brand. This time on my own. 

I hope you you will join me on this journey of healing, breathing and managing your moods. 

Laura McCann

Founder & CEO


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